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Full Version: Riot Games continues to be very busy working on constructing
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"CelebratingĀ LoL smurf accounts participant identities is essential to building a diverse and inclusive game experience, and we endeavor to approach representation with care, respect, and authenticity whether it's in-game or represented in our lore," writes Riot. "We've been operating over the past few years to ensure every player can see themselves in our personalities and matches."

League Of Legends' New PROJECT: Bastion Skins & Event Are Coming

Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, has teased PROJECT: Bastion, the next chapter in its fan-favorite PROJECT in-game alternate universe. The game first introduced the futuristic skin line back in 2015 using the PROJECT Yasuo skin. Ever since then, Riot Games has periodically released more skins beneath the series whilst at the same time continued to construct the lore and narrative within the PROJECT universe which now encompasses two different skin lines, the general PROJECT series and the Program line.

Riot Games continues to be very busy working on constructing the main lore of League of Legends even farther, with the recent launch of this trailer for its upcoming animated series on Netflix. League of Legends: Arcane, which is set to release sometime in the Fall of 2021, looks like it will feature CG animation and retell the origins of a number of its characters, namely Vi and Jinx. TheĀ buy LoL accounts series was originally announced during the game's 10th anniversary event and was scheduled for a 2020 release but was postponed as a result of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.