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types of copyrights violation in Indonesia
The law of copyright and intellectual property rights is established in Indonesia with the aim of protecting any creator’s works in the field of arts, science, and literature.

However, due to ineffective enforcement of the law, a multitude of copyright violation cases, especially online piracy, occurred. In the article below, let’s take a brief look at copyright violation in Indonesia regarding the types, cases, and some procedures to enforce the copyright law.

Types of copyright violation in Indonesia

The following conditions are considered copyright violations.

1. Plagiarism, a copyright violation that happens when you take some or all parts of other people’s works and pretends that the works are owned by you.
2. Reproduce other people’s creations for commercial purpose without referring to the respective creator.
3. Adapting the original work of a creator and register it under the new copyright record.
4. Publicly performing or displaying copyrighted works without legal permission of the copyright holder.
5. Distributing copyrighted works and making them into derivative works.

The case of Copyright Violation in Indonesia

According to the estimation published by the International Intellectual Property Alliance, copyright violation in Indonesia reaches around the number of 18 million illegal and pirated copies in a single month alone. The violations mostly include pirated software, music, and film, which spread throughout Indonesia, either in the physical or online market.

Another source has cited that infringement of copyright and intellectual property rights in Indonesia shows the percentage of 92% for copyright privacy, while the rest of it falls into categories of patent infringement and trademarks counterfeiting. The works that are violated include local and international productions which are used and sold without permission in the country. 
What to do when copyright has been violated

In Indonesia, legal control of copyright is enforced under the Copyright Act. When copyright is violated, the copyright holder can do several actions according to the law. First, criminal charges can be brought by the copyright holder. This action commonly applies to the violator who commercially practices copyright piracy. Regarding this, the violator will be sentenced to one-to-ten-year imprisonment or charged by the fine ranging from IDR100 billion to IDR4 billion.

In addition to criminal charge, the second action to handle copyright violation in Indonesia is a provisional decision. This action can be requested from the Commercial Court. Once the action is performed, the spread of violated works will be stopped or foreclosed. Therefore, it will secure the copyright status while preventing the wider spread of the violation.

The civil action which is associated with the compensation request is another action to take when dealing with copyright violation. In this case, a civil action can only be requested under several conditions, such as the elimination of the creator’s name, the false recognition of the works, the alteration or replacement of the work’s title, and if there are some changes in the contents of the works. 

Looking at how important copyright is, any violation should be treated by the law to prevent the continuity of this illegal action, thus, the copyright holders and their works will always be protected.
Sepertinya ngga semua orang faham apa konsepnya hak cipta. Masyarakat menganggap sesuatu yg dipublikasikan, misalnya artikel di internet, semua bisa dicopas. Padahal yg seperti ini sama aja kayak nyuri. Bener nggak?
Satu negara punya UU hak cipta, menurut saya memang harus begitu. Misalnya agan seniman, desainer atau penulis, pasti gak mau dong liat orang lain pake hasil karya agan tanpa ijin.

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