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World of Tanks Update 4.9 introduces the first Italian tank to the game
A new month has a habit of bringing along new updates and/or content in a variety of games.'sine vehicular combat title World of Tanks is no different. The developer has a whole month of updates and events planned for the game, starting with update 4.9 and the return of an event beginning today.

Update 4.9 introduces the first Italian tank to the game, the Ariete Progetto M35 mod. 46, which uses a new gun mechanic known as the Italian auto-reloader. Italian auto-reloaders are vehicles with guns that can hold multiple shells that reload automatically, one shell at a time until the clip is full.  Unlike existing autoloaders, once a shell is loaded it can be fired without needing to wait for all shells in the clip to be loaded. If you fire while a shell is being auto-reloaded, the auto-reloading timer will reset, starting the reload process over for that shell.

The Ariete Progetto is a premium Italian hero, which is described as “a wonderfully mobile vehicle that’s fitted with a powerful auto-reloading gun.” The update will also introduce new improvements such as better control over replay highlights, new camouflages as suggested by the community, the return of fan-favorite maps such as Berlin Winter and Icebound, and more.With the return of the Commander Mode, players can assume the role of Commander, giving direct orders to units from a birds-eye perspective, or team up with other players as a Tanker to win through teamwork. Wargaming has added keyboard and mouse support, along with a bunch of other fan-requested changes. Buy Cheap World of Tanks Gold from,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery.

Today also marks the return of Commander Mode where players take on the role of the Commander as they get a birds-eye view of the battlefield and nine tanks in their control. Armed with unlimited ammo, tanks can be controlled individually or as groups as they battle for victory. Alternatively, players can assume the role of a Tanker and team up with up to five more players to take down the Commander. The return of the mode comes with a few changes, such as mouse and keyboard support, unit possession, better controls for players using controllers, additional ways to command units, a line of sight indicator, and a new battlefield. Like before, the mode is only available for a limited amount of time until March 11th.

As you may already know, Commander Mode is coming back, and we've implemented lots of new and exciting changes based on your feedback. For the first time ever in World of Tanks: Mercenaries, you'll be able to hook up your keyboard and mouse to your console to play this mode like a classic PC real-time strategy game! We hope you enjoy bringing down enemy Commanders and Tankers with point-and-click precision in the latest iteration of this event mode.

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