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Then once you assembled all of the parts of your boat you can add things like a flag
Then once you RS gold assembled all of the parts of your boat you can add things like a flag or possess the emblem of a clan on it. Then you can employ a team. You can hire a navagator, chef, pirate etc., to help take care of your boat. You might even place cannons or catapults in your boat to combat other enemy boats. This would be part of a mini-game.

To sail your boat you need to have a navagator and a priest to help show you the way to steer and run the ship. Once you get to a certain level you won't need a Captain or Navagator. You can have distinct rooms such as cabins, a kitchen (That is where the Chef comes in) and even war-room where you co-ordinate battles (Part of the mini-game see below). Well now on to this Mini-Game...

Mini-game: Battleship (searching for new names, but battleship was the first that came into my mind) Objective: Destroy other ships and secure any loot they have. The way to playYou set sail with your boat and you can sail in any waters in runescape. You can even have folks from the clan onboard shooting arrows and spells at enemy ships if you don't have catapult(s) or cannon(s).

If your ship sinks you don't lose any items you have on you personally, you just lose your boat. Then you need to re-build your boat or you can just rent one or purchase one from another player or NPC. You also get kill-points for killing other players ships in which you are able to buy things for your ship like boards, navagators, sails etc.. Overall it sounds like a pretty cool skill. I would cheap OSRS gold really like to hear any questions or suggestions which you have with this great new ability! Thanks!

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