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The Los Angeles Chargers have a pillar to come in their own secondary.
One of the feelings you get playing with the Madden games is if you come down hard with a safety and totally obliterate the ball-carrier. Safeties in the league posses this type of strike power, but a rookie from last year revealed he could continue the Madden 20 coins legacy of Kam Chancellor Brian Dawkins, and several more before them. Derwin James is an entire safety that come down to the box and can cover tight ends and put a hit. The Los Angeles Chargers have a pillar to come in their own secondary.

Concussions have halted his performance more than scheme or any lineman has and have played a defining role in the livelihood of Luke Kuechly. Just turning on the television and watching him play, you'll quickly realize how familiar he's to the likes of Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher.He's a true sideline-to-sideline middle linebacker who controls a defense and has been a true leader with every definition of the term. Hopefully, the concussion problems are behind him and he can go back to form in the upcoming 2019 NFL season.

How does a supremely talented safety from this perennial powerhouse like Alabama collapse up to now in the draft? Well, the answer to this would be an accident. Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace has made a profession on high-value middle-to-late round selections centered on guys who fall down boards for specific reasons. Eddie Jackson has become the league and has revealed instincts and the ability to score on the defensive side of the ball in a way the league hasn't seen because Ed Reed's prime. For Jackson, look with 10 starters returning to keep in 2018 in his bliss for the Bears.

JJ Watt has managed to do the impossible. He's missed a lot of seasons and still manages to become among the biggest defensive disruptors in the NFL. He's been in the NFL 8 decades and during only 6 seasons, he has awakened 92 totals sacks, thanks in large part to having 2 seasons at which he was able to get 20+ sacks. If JJ Watt retired, he'd already be an NFL Hall of Famer due to his numbers.

Eric Weddle has been one of the best safeties in the buy Mut 20 coins league, and has managed to go from San Diego to Los Angeles, and most recently Baltimore. Weddle is not the quickest guy on the field, he isn't the strongest. The majority of his success stems from prep and instincts.The Utah Ute has proven he can work the back-end of a defense and supply leadership in a way few others could.

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