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RuneScape moving to upgrades
I guess that RuneScape gold they must have just not realized it was even though people were begging because the release of EoC for it. Surethey do not always know best. My point isn't that Jagex is all-knowing and could be counted on to consistently make the proper decisions. It is without considering the entire picture, that a great deal of players create suggestions.

RuneScape moving to upgrades

Of course the majority of the comments will be"haven't they done that" but lets actually have a discussion. They're officially changing the anticipation from every Monday having something to it really only being a month. Seems like they are opting for the end of the month as a launch point for each of their upgrades. They've done this previously, but its nice to know that upgrades are coming at the end of the month and they use the month to construct hype for that update, sort of like how they declared Desperate Measures 20 days ahead of its launch.

As a whole I think this is a fantastic thing, for both players and Jagex. We don't have to log into every Monday to understand there is not something brand new and instead can concentrate on the last Monday of this month and by the time it comes around we'll know what the upgrade is. In all honesty I think they must ramp down their attention on graphic fidelity, OSRS more than anything should be a indication that folks mostly care about the mechanics of RuneScape. Visuals that are barebones'd be taken by me in exchange for significantly expedited upgrade schedule. I mean just reuse and repurpose a few of the models or cartoons out of RuneScape's past and rig some quality content.

That is simply wrong, even OSRS is presently looking to bring the remainder of their game up to the graphic fidelity of their newest content. Obviously, even their latest content still looks"old school" but that is the style they would like to adhere to. Most other MMOs don't drop huge updates monthly, plus they DEFINITELY don't fall weekly articles.

IMO if the rest of the month are stains and we receive Ninja fixes every fourteen days, I think that is alright (based on how they're defining an upgrade ). It quells some of the"when are we getting things" and suits both those that need repairs to RuneScape, as well as ones who just wish to devour new content. If this method works, and they're ready to get out high quality, purposeful updates once per month, with patches/fixes littered throughout, I will be a happy camper.

That's the goal. I am able to talk to my own experience, moving half way around the world for this job only 6 months ago, to say how difficult it is to do this from home vs the studio.

Simply put, sticking to the present plans we had simply would not work for us as developers or you as gamers - the gaps on these larger pieces of articles would be far larger than anybody would like to see. Instead, the initiative was taken by the team and accommodated our approach to the capability. What this new approach does is minimize the chance of significant gaps between additive content, with a goal of delivering on a monthly cadence as soon as we can. The team are throwing themselves at this challenge and working super hard to make that occur. Frankly, I'm pretty excited about the plans as a player.

This came across as quite PR"The group are throwing themselves at this challenge". Most of us know things have affected. At the interval that Archaeology and PVM heartbeat were getting prepared for launch, there should have been others working on something else since the beginning of the year which many would have expected to be getting prepared for release a month or two later archaeology, but there has not. For me personally and then working from house happened I got next to nothing done for your month due to technical problems.

But it got better and by the 3rd month I was back up to full pace, possibly even more efficient than working in the office because there wasn't any annoying encounters and beurocracy taking time up. So after 3 months of working from home, there's one upgrade almost ready. There is still something incorrect. Some people will have it worse than others because of family etc. But by this stage issues should be sorted out. Jagex should be supplying employees with the necessary equipment if this is a long-term thing to perform their job. When it comes to cheap RS gold working from home the technology and games industry ought to be one of the best suited sectors.

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