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National Music Day, Bens Leo Called Cover Songs Without Permission as Copyright Infri
In commemoration of National Music Day which falls on Tuesday (9/3/2021), Bens Leo as a music observer highlighted the phenomenon of cover songs without permission from the creator. Bens Leo said that this phenomenon seems to be very popular with people. "Then (on this National Music Day) which is no less important, if you are people who like music and then like to cover other people's works, you should give permission to the creator," said Bens Leo to via telephone, Tuesday ( 9/3/2021).

According to Bens Leo, asking permission from the songwriter is important. "Because the creator has the most important rights to enjoy the results of his work, the economic rights are enjoyed by the composer of the song. So if a work is arranged without the author's permission it is a violation of the creator, "said Bens Leo. Especially if the song being covered is commercialized or generates material benefits for the person who sings it again. If problem occurs due to cover songs, it is best to discuss it with law office.

"So the violation, the songwriter has the right to sue him to get royalty rights, if the song is later uploaded to YouTube and gets appreciation from YouTube, or gets money. The author's permission is very important, ”added Bens Leo. He then gave an example that happened to Piyu, Padi Reborn's personnel.

"(At that time) an interview with Piyu, Piyu said that someone uploaded his songs, from the album Padi or Piyu. When it was uploaded, it didn't ask for permission, the song changed a little, then the name of the creator became Piyudiningrat, it was angry, because the name was changed, ”said Bens Leo again. "And things like this are violations of copyright, economic rights and moral rights," said Bens again.

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