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Mmocs - The Best Place To Buy Bless Online Gold
Buy Bless Online Gold So far Neowiz has not had a great image return since the Bless Online launch on Steam: that's for sure. The numerous problems that have afflicted the game in the early days the possibility of cheattare and the cutting of some contents (although partially justified by the formula of the Eardly Access) are all elements that will have to be faced by the software house in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile a full patch is about to arrive the update v1.0.0.8 currently available on the test server. This will introduce changes to the experience rewards for some quests and reduce the cooldowns for the Ranger while those of the Mage and Guardian will change. The same combat system will be revised: it is known that Bless sooner or later will have according to the promises of the developers have an action combat. At the moment this is only implemented for the Berserker class but Neowiz says he is confident: he will succeed in the enterprise to unlock it for all the others sooner or later.

The update which you can read the patch notes on Steam is not the first of a long series that will arrive in the next few days.url=]Bless Online Gold For Sale[/url] We will keep you informed about the news of this highly discussed product. Meanwhile you can read first impressions of Bless Online from our Nolvadex.

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