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Let's talk about vlogging
let's talk a little about vlogs (video blogging)

in indonesian language:
"mari sedikit berbicara tentang vlog (video blogging)"

What is Vlog?
It is a form of a blog in which the medium is Video, basically, Vlog is video blogging. Here the content is in video form. For creating the Vlog Post, you need to create a video and upload it to the internet and do publish it on your blog.
Nowadays Vlogs are in high demand with huge audience worldwide. As the digital video viewers rise from 372 million to 700 million in just a few years, now you have the idea how much impact a Vlog can create.
Here the Vlogs acquired the status of being one of the most popular digital video content. And it features video bloggers who are sharing their lives candidly.

The History of Vlog:
Vlog came into play in 2004: “the year of the video blog”. In the same year, Steve Garfield launched his own video blog. This was the time when Vlog get the popularity. YouTube was founded in August 2005, the most video sharing site till date. After that, it got popularity in 2006 and becomes the 5th most popular web destination along with 100 million videos viewed daily.

The Vlogs are started on the individual sites of the creator of the RSS feeds. The Vlog space lacks a dominant hosting platform. It will help in building the more personal connection between the creators and the audience.
When the video equipment became more handy and portable, Vloggers started carrying a camera it outside of the home and filming their daily experience.

The next revolution was yet to come. Smartphone technology came into play, which gives new life to Vlogging. Here the Vloggers are using their smartphones just for recording the variety of video content very easily.

The best is that mobile technology becomes the boon for Vlogging as it is considered as the ideal platform for consuming the huge chunks of contents.

Now in today’s world, you see a lot of Vloggers on the internet along with accessing the masterpiece works and guide.

As per the report, 44% of all the internet users watch Vlog each month, so you have the idea about the flourishing Vlogging Business. Through Vlogging marketers can reach a young, affluent and potential audience.

Here is not the ending of this section, when Facebook Live came into play, you can say it is like the fusion of the Vlogging movement. Vloggers present many unique advertising opportunities by influencing the audience through Vlogs.

Don’t wait opportunities are here make use of it just by acquiring some particular sets of skills.

Importance of Vlogging:

Here Vlogging gives discrete sets of advantages over the normal blogging. As the research studies show that 63% people are more likely to buy any product that they have seen in the form of video in the advertisement.

Now you have the idea that you can increase your customers, audience along with the investors too. The video blogs are creating the huge impact on social media platforms. Most of the more than 90% of the mobile users are like to share the video with each other using various platforms.

You can take the example of YouTube popularity many videos go viral on the internet and within one night one’s become very popular. Do you know YouTube has over 1 billion unique users’ visits this platform per month?

Keep one thing in mind with Vlogging you stand a better chance to win over your customers. Here you can easily build a closer relationship with your customers. The Vlogging provides the visual content that your audience will see like and share with their friend circles.

Through Vlogging people can follow your guidelines without reading the whole article. In the video, they see what to do instead of spreading what to do. I can say that with video blogging you really stand a better chance to get more audience.

Most probably you are thinking that, do videos play any role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, a video is now an integral part of the search engine result. So if you thinking that your Vlog may not its due, then trust me you are totally wrong.

Here for ranking your Vlogs on the top of the search engine results just incorporate SEO techniques into your Vlog. Just include subtitles along with the appropriate description and catchy titles for your Vlog.

So, if you really want to grab the attention of your visitors, all you need to do is use the techniques of Vlogging. Just stick to the guide and reveal how to start your own Vlog.

How to Become a Vlogger

[Image: grow-audience.jpg?w=424&ssl=1]

In the world of Vlogging you will need:

The topic for Vlog: You need to choose a topic, the topic could be anything related to the niche. Just try being unique, coming with your idea.

YouTube account & Channel Name: Choose a unique name for your channel. Make sure to build an interesting YouTube channel.

Make ten or more good videos: In the starting come up with good and interesting videos. Just post one or two videos daily and then after sometime increase the gap between the video.

Be Active: Set some specific date for publishing the videos. A good Vlogger will post at least three or four videos per week. Don’t be lethargic, be active on the channel.

Proper Editing: Before posting the videos, make sure you have done the proper editing of the videos. You can use Windows Movie Maker just for editing your videos.

Select avatar: This one is really important, just choose one unique banner/avatar which suits your channel best.
Communicate with Followers: Always try to communicate with your followers, respond to comments and messages you receive.

I hope you can become a successful vlogger

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Distributor resmi sedia Mesin printin kain | Textile | Sublimation juga Tinta
Halo bro n sis! Kao menurut ane sih vlogging tuh blog jenis baru di mana kalian bisa berbagi video sama orang2 yg follow kamu n pengen tau banyak tentang topiknya apa. Ane bilang sih video sekarang lebih populer ketimbang blog biasa. Kalian setuju?
Quote:vlogging tuh blog jenis baru di mana kalian bisa berbagi video sama orang2 yg follow kamu n pengen tau banyak tentang topiknya apa.
iya kak menurut ane juga begono hehe Big Grin

karena interaksinya lebih hidup (melihat video) bukan membaca orang-orang jadi pada suka dah tuh ama si vlog udah gitu ada sarana tempat kumpulnya video vlogging (yutub) yang udah terkenal sejak zaman dahulu kala wkwk
Distributor resmi sedia Mesin printin kain | Textile | Sublimation juga Tinta
Vlogging bisa jadi profesi menjanjikan di masa depan. Di vlogging, kamu bebas mau bikin video tentang apa aja. Kamu bisa ekspresikan gaya kamu pake cara apa aja. Tapi kamu musti ingat juga, kalo mau jadi vlogger full time, maka kamu perlu banyak bersabar dan kerja keras.
Setelah era media cetak dan elektronik, dunia berpaling ke media sosial yg punya peranan penting di dunia media. Para aktivis sekarang pake blog buat ekspresikan ide2 sama pemikiran mereka. Selain menulis, para blogger juga mulai pakai video sbg media buat pemikiran mereka n keliatannya generasi sekarang menyukainya juga.
Menurut saya ini cara supaya orang bisa punya penghasilan tambahan. Sekarang kita bisa liat banyak kerjaan baru yg menyangkut jejaring sosial. Trus karena tau video sama blog bisa dimonetisasi jadi menarik banyak orang di bisnis ini, tapi banyak juga konten yg ngga berkualitas.

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