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James Child Custody Lawyer
Dedicated Child Custody Lawyer Orange County

When parents of minors divorce or separate, they must put the interests of their minors first. Lopez scca is child custody lawyers Orange County who advise clients on the steps they can take to establish a loving, safe, and supportive environment for their kids. Our seasoned attorneys can handle all types of child custody issues with skill and compassion. 
Whether parents have split up amicably or in a contentious way, we will ascertain the best possible outcome so both parents maintain a healthy relationship with their children. However, when necessary to pursue the well-being of the child, we will devise a formidable litigation strategy to achieve your goals. 
Aggressive Attorneys Pursuing Beneficial Custody Arrangements

Several factors can be considered when the court considers a parenting plan. Our child custody lawyers in Orange County will ascertain all issues in your case which may include parental fitness, educational needs, relocation, psychological issues, and more. Judges will also assess how likely the parents are to operate and let the child spend time with the other. 
Contact an Experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Orange County Today

Lopez scca advises and represents clients on child custody and other family law matters. 
Call (714) 733-7065 or send an email to to schedule a free consultation with the child custody lawyers in Orange County at Lopez scca.

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