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I'm not disagreeing with your view on the wildy
Completely pointless suggestion, folks just camp achto at no cost and never perish, PvMers now danger even less than previously (is currently sub 100k), less incentive to pk and therefore wildy becomes a non-pvp zone because noone will bother killing for 50k loot? PvMers still waste slots on things like slayer helm which are inefficient compared achto. Can you even bother to think about this proposal or did you think of RuneScape gold it and type it out? Since it looks like the prior, question fyi.

There is lots of reason to, this man is one of these'I will fix the wildy or PvP' who has done more than enough posts on the subject, seemingly only exclusively to push the return of PvM wildy using Revs as he's posted it on multiple occasions as you can probably tellthe man still knows literally nothing about sport balance when it comes to the wilderness as for one, most of his comments within this particular article are gobbling up random people's thoughts so he could draw back revs.

The guy thinks all PvPers use finest equipment and idk in the event that you saw but his answer for me pointing out that safe pvp Wildy isn't viable was'Remove wildy PvP completely' and PvP/Wilderness can't afford to take anymore hits.I do not PvP much anymore but a lot of my friends/people I understand, clearly a bit sick of us just getting thrown around while still PvMers develop with stupid posts like that and Jagex proceeds to ignore our view on whatever (like they did with BH, which ended up with an easily abusable system).

I'm not disagreeing with your view on the wildy, which means that your elaboration on the mechanics of PVP is pretty redundant. I agree with you as I mentioned in my comment. I am disagreeing with how poisonous and condescending you're being for no reason. Even though you've attempted to justify it, your justification still boils down to"he's wrong therefore I am justified in attempting to humiliate and belittle him", that is absolute nonsense.I really don't need to justify myself to you, if you don't have the frequent sense to realise that talking nicely about PvP and the Wilderness will only increase the possibility of them being eliminated as we will more than likely keep being ignored (We have already had to watch it die for like 4 decades now, while we've been ignored).

Its not a completely pointless suggestion at all. Wilderness PvP is broken up and while the OPs thought may not be the mend its forcing the conversation. If you havent noticed a thread is on this twice or once per week with ideas. Its Runescape players like you that make it look like people dont need a change together with the jungle PvP. I dont even blame you because individuals are resistant to change in general. Truth is, we need a buy OSRS gold death mechanic for the wilderness right now its importantly is not fun for anybody. Do a poll on this using 1000 Runescape players and reveal the data if you believe differently.

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