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Get Aggressive Representation with our Domestic Violence Lawyer Orange County
At Jos Family Law, our domestic violence lawyer Orange County specializes in protecting the rights of domestic violence victims and falsely accused individuals. With our extensive experience, we understand that domestic violence is a serious offense and allegation. In California, the police won’t hesitate to arrest any cause regardless of the credibility of the allegation. 

While domestic violence abuse shouldn’t be tolerated, it also shouldn’t be falsely used for petty gains. Our domestic violence lawyers in Orange County care about both sides of the story. We will take all necessary steps to protect victims from further abuse or take necessary legal steps to protect the rights and freedom of the falsely accused. 

What is Considered Domestic Violence in California?

In California, domestic violence is defined as any emotional, physical, sexual, or financial abuse done against a family member or household member. While obvious cases of violence include assault, battery, and stalking, other acts such as posting negative comments online or withholding the right to finances are also considered domestic violence. 

The law also casts a wide net in defining individuals who may be family or household members:

·        Spouse 
·        Ex-spouse 
·        Relative by blood or marriage
·        Individuals currently or formerly living together as a family
·        Biological parents of a child 

Let us Protect your Rights.

Domestic violence cases carry strict punishment if found guilty. It may result in exorbitant fines and possible jail time. Let our skilled domestic violence lawyer Orange County protect you and your family against abuse or false allegations. 
Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to today for a free consultation with Jos Family Law.

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