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Favorite Bali Vacation

Bali has many places you can visit, a lot of favorite places bali vacation can be used as a holiday with your family or your partner. Starting from Bedugul, Sangeh, Kuta, Goa Gajah, GWK, Ubud and many others. Bali is a tourist attraction that many domestic and foreign visitors. With the Bali famous tourist destinations of Indonesia's most famous of the island. No wonder if Bali is very famous place that is so beautiful and attract many visitors who come there. Bali is a paradise for vacationers. With so many visitors in Bali, the food-fast food too much that you can taste. Starting from licit and illicit, you can select multiple menu.

Located in the east of the island of Java, Bali is an excellent tourism Indonesia already famous around the world. Besides well-known for its natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous Arts and culture are unique and interesting. Many favorite place that could serve as a nice holiday. As well as the famous Kuta Beach with waves suitable for novice surfers. It is also famous for its panoramic sun sinking very beautiful. Kuta beach also has white sand and blue sea, the beach is used as excellent for Bali travel.
In addition to favorite Kuta Bali Vacation, Pura Tanah Lot. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the tourist spots in Bali because of the beauty of the sun at the time of sunset. Pura Tanah Lot temple where worshiping a god of the sea. The uniqueness of this lot of land temple that the temple is located on a large rock on the seafront. At the time of high tide, you could not get close to this temple. because the surrounding rock temple buffer land lots will be flooded sea. At low tide you can see some sea snakes tame according to locals is the lot of land temple guards. In addition, this location you can also hold sacred snakes are tame and harmless.
I am very proud to be joining and the opening of this article ..
in addition to the information I get I also get to know ziuma.
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Bali is very beautiful, the atmosphere and surroundings are so beautiful and cool.
modern housing located
so is beautifl. i like it

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