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Arena of Valor officially launches on the Nintendo Switch
The mobile game port is no stranger to the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console practically swims in the titles that first took a breath on the smartphone, but some software that focuses on this touch screen can hold the torch of how important MOBA superhit, the Valor Arena. This, arguably, is one - if not - the biggest game in the world thanks to a 200 million player base and its transformation into an eSports powerhouse. You may also have never heard of it, despite the fact that it has around 80 million active users daily. Even so, this game is very large, and the Switch port is big news.

The tutorial for Arena Valor tells you everything you need to know about playing games. AoV is MOBA, and the main goal for most of the modes is to work through enemy towers, defeating A.I. controlled snoring and human opponents are the same, until you and your team defeat the opponent's core. Players start each round in the first box, raise the level of their character by defeating enemies, defeating towers, or removing monsters found in the main path of battle. When players level up and get money, they will open and strengthen special moves, and buy armor, accessories, and attack fans, all in real time. If you are in need of Cheap AoV Account, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”.

Of course there are drivers to accelerate account alignment and the acquisition of currencies which are also presented relatively frequently through various events and game achievements. Arcana can also be found in the same way. However, the highest level of Arcana seems to only be obtained through one of two game currencies, so players might want to choose to save for it.

The intermediate version of Arena of Valor faces an open runway. Although the mobile edition has become an established esports title, the Switch version can be a professional competitive game if the scene of the ranking takes off, the developer said. Basically, they are open to all possibilities. If the Arena Valor will take over the esports Switch scene, it will benefit from the default chat service, allowing teammates to strategize in real-time. Tencent is working on this feature, according to the developer, although it focuses on polishing core games to be launched at this time.
Wah ini kabar gembira Bung. Dulu kita taunya ya cuma Nintendo. Masih inget gak waktu pertama kali bisa maen Nintendo. Jaman segitu game ini udah yg kayak paling keren gitu. Penasaran juga ya pengen liat versi barunya kalo harganya gak kemahalan.

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